Valerie studied art and design at Norwich and Farnham and took a post-graduate course at the University of Reading. For some years she was head of art in a private school. Since 1999 she has been a professional artist living in Wales. She exhibits, works to commission and tutors groups and individuals.

Valerie's home, in the small village of Friog, is a short, brisk walk from the sea, hills and woodland. These familiar places have been the focus of Valerie's work. Although her scenes are often typically Welsh, she favours capturing a particular mood rather than a specific location. Unspoilt, solitary landscapes and fragments are painted in a confident style. She is fascinated by the end of the day, the last light, when the sun, shows its face and for a short time turns all surfaces into a magical, contemplative and restful world. She loves shifting out of her comfort zone and is often experimenting with new ideas.

'skilful drawing...glowing colour...quality of silk'

'Fantastic, very relaxing, but hidden depths'

'Beautiful, ethereal work'

'Am so impressed by your eye for the beautiful and your depiction of it'